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A Day at Ocean Park Hong Kong

Remember when I told you that I had a slight obsession with monkeys at Batu Caves? Well, that kind of applies to pandas too. In fact, if I’m being honest, it applies to most animals of all shapes and sizes.

I make no secret of the fact that I love a good zoo. So when I found out that a popular theme park in Hong Kong – Ocean Park – combined rides with a zoo which housed a family of pandas, it was immediately top of my itinerary. I mean seriously…a zoo AND a theme park? Together, in the same place?? Mind. Blown.

After almost an hour in a small, noisy bus through the traffic-logged streets of Hong Kong Island, we arrived to a grand entrance complete with unusual sculptures of sea creatures. I must hasten to add here that the main attraction of the zoo used to be a sea life show with a sea lion called Whiskers, but honestly, who has the time for sea lions when there are pandas to be seen?

As with many theme parks, Ocean Park Hong Kong is split into different sections revolving around different themes. My favourite of these actually didn’t contain any rides at all, but was a street reminiscent of old Hong Kong, with street sellers serving traditional dishes, old-style Chinese music and photo opportunities aplenty.

Flashback: Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai

“Hey, hey lady… want to go fast lady?”Erm, aren’t I already going fast?

Flopping around in a rubber tube after a gargantuan buffet breakfast wasn’t the smartest move I’d made that holiday. But hey, I had gotten free admission because I was a guest at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and I never pass up the opportunity to do something for free.

It was Dubai. It was November 2008. I was making a stopover in the city on my way to Sri Lanka and the sun was baking hot. I was in a rubber ring floating down what was a not-so-lazy river in the Wild Wadi Water Park. And even though Dubai is now full of tourists, my fair skin and blonde hair were still attracting attention from locals and workers at the water park.

wild wadi water park

48 Hours at Oktoberfest: Day One


Most people aren’t as crazy as Scott and me. Most people would not book return flights from Istanbul to Munich just so that they could spend 48 hours at Oktoberfest.

But that’s exactly what we did. After missing the festival last year while we were in Belgrade (and seriously considering the return flight option that time also) we were desperate to try and get there this year. It would be Scott’s fourth visit to Oktoberfest but my first.

It was definitely on my life list to visit Oktoberfest and the night before we flew out I was so excited I could hardly sleep. After nearly two years of travelling, there aren’t many times when I can say that I’m that excited. Sure, I still love to explore new places, but when it becomes routine or you are discovering places you know nothing about beforehand, it can be hard to muster too much excitement until you get there.

With Oktoberfest I had read, heard and seen so much over the years that I couldn’t help but be excited about what was awaiting me.

A Gruesome Day at the Amsterdam Dungeons

Amsterdam Dungeon

It was cold and rainy on Scott’s birthday last week, which seemed like the perfect time to do something fun indoors. We had been offered the chance to visit the Amsterdam Dungeon and experience its current new sideshows and attractions with a Carnivale theme, which runs throughout the summer. So we set off on our bikes, umbrellas in hand, to see what all the fuss what about.

Now, I’ve only ever visited the dungeons in the UK before (the ones in York and London) and I’ve always enjoyed the fact that they have live actors instead of “haunted house” type attractions with mechanical moving figures. Having said that, I always seemed to get singled out as the “volunteer” to participate in the fun, so I’m always wary to stand too close to the front!

The tour is run in English at the Amsterdam Dungeon, which seemed to prove a little difficult for those from some foreign countries, but as long as you’re aware of it ahead of time and can understand English (including sarcasm and jokes – that’s important!) then you should be fine.