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Snap the Shoestring with 5 Fab Things to Do for Free in Barcelona

Perhaps you’re on a budget, or perhaps your anti-consumer nature is already tingling with the anticipation of proving the old adage of “the best things in life are free” right again. Or perhaps you’re simply on the alert for bright ideas to take for a spin in Barcelona. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Once you’ve read them, why not get creative and discover 5 more for yourself? And yes, hanging out on the beach counts, so that’s only 4 to go.

Snap the Shoestring with 5 Fab Things to Do for Free in Barcelona

  • Wander through the Boqueria Market

You’ll find this iconic food market about half way down La Rambla. When the crowded pavement becomes an almost solid mass of people you’ll know you’ve arrived. Step through the iron gates, hold onto your bag and take a deep breath. Some stalls are piled high with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whilst others display exotic chow that reminds you it’s a big world out there.

Barcelona – My Kind of City…

Barcelona is my current (I’m very fickle!) favourite European city for a number of reasons. One, because of the amount of greenery you can find here. I love any city where you can get lost in a big park for the day and forget that you’re in a sprawling metropolis. Two, because there is a beach. I mean, who doesn’t love a good beach? Three, the architecture. For me, the best parts of the city aren’t the tourist traps, although don’t get me wrong, I appreciate those as much as anyone else. It’s the fact that in Barcelona you can turn a corner and discover something totally amazing on a seemingly unassuming street.

Making Travel Plans and Growing Old


Back when I was newbie blogger and Homeless and Confused was a brand spanking new site, I wrote a (albeit pretty crappy) post about how I had recently visited Barcelona and loved it.

Aside from the fact that the photographs are terrible (thank God that camera broke and saved us all a lot of trouble), the sentiment was true. It was my first trip to mainland Spain and I really enjoyed myself.

“Now, why, when she’s currently in Mexico, would she be telling us this?” you’re probably thinking to yourself. Well, I apologise for the brief interlude in proceedings, but I’ve got some (semi) exciting news. I’ve actually made some future plans for once, instead of just lurching frantically from one destination to the other.

I’ve booked flights to Europe in July, starting with Madrid!

That news in itself may not seem too inspiring, especially because I spent a large chunk of last year exploring Eastern Europe, but it’s all for a good cause. Namely, my 30th birthday.

Yes, that’s right, it’s the big 3-0 for me this year, and as much as I love being on the road, I couldn’t justify spending such a big milestone abroad. I want to be with my family. Hence the flights back to Europe.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Cappadocia: Part 2

balloon ride over cappadocia
What I loved about our particular pilot was how he knew exactly where to dip in the valleys so that you could get close to the rock formations.

balloon ride over cappadocia

All of the holes you can see that are carved into the side of the rock were homes for pigeons, who were considered to be very valuable in the years before artificial fertilisers came to pass (pigeon poop was used as a fertiliser for crops back then. Too much information?) The entrance to some of the pigeon holes were decorated with painted symbols and drawings and we managed to get close enough to snap some photos.