Graffiti Street Art in Melaka

Melaka was an unexpected little gem.

Planning on only spending three nights there originally, we actually found ourselves hunkering down at our cute riverside hostel for six nights in total. Partly because of laziness and partly because accommodation was so cheap compared to everywhere else we had been in Malaysia. And we only left after that because we felt like even the guest house owner was getting sick of the sight of us.

The bonus of being located on the banks of the river was that we could walk back to our hostel via the boardwalk, where you will find that the majority of the buildings have been covered in spray-paint murals commemorating the city and its culture, heritage and tourist attractions. Apparently it is officially known as the Melaka River Art Project, set up to showcase the talents of local graffiti artists. Whatever its purpose, the street art in Melaka definitely added to the charm and uniqueness of the town.

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