Life Decisions and the Magic 8 Ball


Scott and I have become so indecisive that we have begun to rely on a Magic 8 Ball to make all of our decisions, both important and irrelevant. And when I say Magic 8 Ball, I of course mean an app on my phone, because I don’t travel around with an *actual* Magic 8 Ball. That would be weird.

“Should we get pizza tonight?” It says no, so we go pasta instead.

“Should we watch Boyhood at the cinema?” It says uncertain, so we cancel it altogether.

“Should we move to Amsterdam?” It says most definitely, so we do.

The State We’re In

This post has been coming for a while, and you probably all knew it. Heck, you probably even knew it before I did.

And before you start scanning ahead like greedy little gossip-mongers, no, Scott and I have not broken up, or done something stupid like adopted an army of dogs (although now I’ve said that, I’m seriously considering it. The dogs thing, not the breakup). This post isn’t about relationships and the state of my life/health/sanity. Well, it kind of is, I guess.

But it’s mostly about you and me.

It’s about travel blogging and me, to be exact. Our relationship has become tempestuous at best, pressured and fraught at worst.

The State We're In | Homeless and Confused

This is the most travelly thing about this post


I’ve become totally disillusioned with it, something I already hinted at in my post about things I was scared to tell you. But still I persevered. I went through many changes, outwardly and inwardly on the blog, hoping that things would get better. They didn’t.

Why We Sucked at Renting an Apartment in Amsterdam

Why We Sucked at Renting an Apartment in Amsterdam | Homeless and Confused

It’s been over nine months since we moved into our little Amsterdam apartment. The apartment that I was going to write a post about with some cute pictures of the travelly elements we have decorated it with, but apparently I’m a really lazy person and will never get around to it

Aaaannnnyway, now that the initial shock of renting an apartment in one of the most touristy cities in the world has died down, I feel a little less fragile about discussing just how insane it can be. For people who don’t read the blog regularly (why not? how rude!), or who only skim-read the title of the post – I’m not talking about short-term holiday rentals here. I’m talking about real-life-move-into-a-place-and-put-a-deposit-down type places. For short-term rentals, please refer to my indignant post over here and stay out of my neighbourhood, pretty please. Also, for you Londoners out there, I understand that what I’m about to say may not even scratch the surface of what you’ve had to go through in your own apartment search. And for that, I think you will eternally have our collective pity. 

Ok, let’s get down to the screwups that Scott and I made when we moved to Amsterdam, shall we?

My Favorite Romantic Christmas Markets in Europe

This post has been written by Scott, my better half. If it’s possible, he loves Christmas (and Christmas markets) even more than I do! Here’s his contribution about the most romantic markets we’ve visited so far. You can read more from Scott’s point of view about our travels over on his own blog worldwideScott.

If you are a regular reader of Homeless and Confused, you know that we absolutely love European Christmas markets. And if you’re just stopping by today for the first time, it probably hasn’t taken you long to come to that same Christmassy conclusion either. I mean seriously, is there anything in the world better than Christmas markets?

Actually, yes: romantic Christmas markets.

Now for the most part, almost all Christmas markets in Europe are covered in a small dusting of romance, but some very special ones are home to an extra cozy, warm, and snug atmosphere. Romantic Christmas markets make skipping along and staying warm with that special someone just a little more fun and memorable. The romantic Christmas markets that we have been to are definitely the ones where we’ve had the merriest of times and the ones we look back on most fondly.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Goslar, Germany

My Favorite Romantic Christmas Markets in Europe