#ChristmasMarketCrawl Day 1: Hannover

We began our 2014 Christmas Market Crawl in Hannover, Germany, after a train journey that mainly involved Holly doing this:

Christmas Market Crawl Day 1: Hannover Christmas Markets

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from Hannover, let alone its Christmas markets. It’s somewhere that I’ve heard mentioned countless times, but not in relation to the festive period. In fact, on said train journey the conductor even said to us “You’re going to Hannover for its Christmas market?! You know they have big ones in Dresden and Nuremberg, right?”

Yes, Mr Conductor, we do. But that’s exactly why we were going to Hannover and the 9 Cities region of Saxony. Because people always flock to the big name markets and forget that there are other just as worthy parts of Germany that deserve to be seen. And besides, we already went to Nuremberg last year and didn’t like the atmosphere – it was too crowded and touristy for our liking.

So, after a relatively calm train journey (only relatively because we had a major panic attack at having forgotten Holly’s pet passport, which we were never asked for anyway, thank the Lord), we arrived in Hannover, ready to drink some gluhwein and get festive.

This Year’s #ChristmasMarketCrawl

So I’m sure you all remember my mulled wine-chugging antics last year at the Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and Italy. Well, after booking our flights back to the US for Thanksgiving we thought for sure that we just wouldn’t have the time (or energy) to visit the European Christmas markets again this year.


We managed to make it happen and we leave for Germany tomorrow! This year we’ll be staying in Germany and exploring the Lower Saxony region of the country. We’ll be riding the trains, staying in some cool hotels and doing plenty of eating and drinking at each of the Christmas markets.

Here’s where we’ll be going:


Hannover Credit

My Worst Ever Travel Photos

Recently I’ve been going through my travel photos from all of my memory cards and my phone and trying to back as many of them up as possible. When you’re working with old technology (hello four-year-old laptop and phone!), it’s a constant worry that something will just give up the ghost along with all your captured memories.

So, in order to pre-empt a disaster, I’ve been trying to do the responsible thing (for a change) and upload all of my photos. In going through my snaps from the last couple of years, I’ve uncovered some real doozies – photos that, for some reason or other, I felt compelled to take at the time, but that are actually some of the worst, most badly-composed and stupid photos I’ve ever taken in my life. Here are just a few of these “gems”, so that we can all have a good laugh at how sometimes we get it so, so wrong.

My Worst Ever Travel Photos

I think I thought I was being artsy with this one, trying to get the clouds in as well. Instead, it’s just part of a windmill and some sky. Fail.

Why Florida Is Perfect For Adults (Like Me)

Why Florida Is Perfect For Adults (Like Me)

I’ve always been a big kid. I make no excuses for that fact. I geek out at Harry Potter (everyone’s read all the books and watched all the movies at least twice, right?!), I get giddy for Christmas. I love eating cake. But I’m kinda scared of big rollercoasters. And that’s ok. Because even though Florida seems like it’s just one big theme park, there’s a lot more to the Sunshine State than adrenaline, and that makes it perfect for adults, and big kids, like me.

Firstly, let’s talk about Florida’s weather for a second. With a subtropical climate almost year-round, it’s no hardship to spend a vacation here and marks the reason for the name “Sunshine State”. Now, am I a little sad that they get little to no snow? Yes, but I’ll get over it. And who wants to visit a beach town when it’s snowing anyway? That’s just stupid.