My Favorite Romantic Christmas Markets in Europe

This post has been written by Scott, my better half. If it’s possible, he loves Christmas (and Christmas markets) even more than I do! Here’s his contribution about the most romantic markets we’ve visited so far. You can read more from Scott’s point of view about our travels over on his own blog worldwideScott.

If you are a regular reader of Homeless and Confused, you know that we absolutely love European Christmas markets. And if you’re just stopping by today for the first time, it probably hasn’t taken you long to come to that same Christmassy conclusion either. I mean seriously, is there anything in the world better than Christmas markets?

Actually, yes: romantic Christmas markets.

Now for the most part, almost all Christmas markets in Europe are covered in a small dusting of romance, but some very special ones are home to an extra cozy, warm, and snug atmosphere. Romantic Christmas markets make skipping along and staying warm with that special someone just a little more fun and memorable. The romantic Christmas markets that we have been to are definitely the ones where we’ve had the merriest of times and the ones we look back on most fondly.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Goslar, Germany

My Favorite Romantic Christmas Markets in Europe

Snap the Shoestring with 5 Fab Things to Do for Free in Barcelona

Perhaps you’re on a budget, or perhaps your anti-consumer nature is already tingling with the anticipation of proving the old adage of “the best things in life are free” right again. Or perhaps you’re simply on the alert for bright ideas to take for a spin in Barcelona. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Once you’ve read them, why not get creative and discover 5 more for yourself? And yes, hanging out on the beach counts, so that’s only 4 to go.

Snap the Shoestring with 5 Fab Things to Do for Free in Barcelona

  • Wander through the Boqueria Market

You’ll find this iconic food market about half way down La Rambla. When the crowded pavement becomes an almost solid mass of people you’ll know you’ve arrived. Step through the iron gates, hold onto your bag and take a deep breath. Some stalls are piled high with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whilst others display exotic chow that reminds you it’s a big world out there.

Best Makeup Palettes for Travel

Best Makeup Palettes for Travel If there’s one thing I didn’t make an exception about when I was travelling (aside from my straighteners and a pair of jeans) was makeup. I’d read quite a few “hardcore” posts before I left extolling the virtues of travelling makeup-free, but, quite frankly, that was the last thing I would have wanted to do. Whether I’m travelling for a year or a weekend, I will always pack some makeup, even if it’s only a little.

Firstly, travelling tires you out and moving accommodation, bumpy bus journeys and long flights can leave you looking exhausted and washed out. A little concealer and blusher can help revive you and make you feel a heck of a lot better.

Secondly, there are many women out there who don’t like to go out in public without makeup on because it gives them a sense of confidence. I am not one of these people (sorry if I’ve ever bumped into you in the supermarket looking like a bag lady), but I am not going to judge anyone for wanting to make themselves look and feel good.

#ChristmasMarketCrawl Day 4: Celle

#ChristmasMarketCrawl Day 4: Celle Christmas Market

If I’d thought that Hannover, Goslar and Wolfenbuttel were pretty, Celle was the icing on the cake. The last stop on our whirlwind trip of four of the nine cities of Lower Saxony, we were starting to get a little tired and bloated from all of the Christmas cheer (read: mulled wine). But seeing how ridiculously pretty Celle was (there’s really no other word to describe this town), it gave us a renewed sense of energy to enjoy our last Christmas market of the season.

#ChristmasMarketCrawl Day 4: Celle Christmas Market

To walk around parts of Celle, you would be forgiven for thinking that it looks exactly like a Hollywood movie set. Some of the facades of the old buildings (both original and restored) looked so picture-perfect and adorable it was almost as if a producer had conjured the place up in his mind and created a cardboard set of what a German winter wonderland should look like.