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Taking an Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Photo Diary: Amsterdam Canal Cruise

A couple of days ago, Scott and I took a dinner canal cruise here in Amsterdam. We’d been dying to get out on the water ever since our quick stint on a boat during the Eating Amsterdam food tour. We opted for the 2.5 hour dinner cruise with Holland International, because it’s always nice to get […]

The Unintended Consequences of Apartment Rental Websites

The Unintended Consequences of Apartment Rental Websites

When we travel, we love to feel like locals. It’s part of the fun of travelling. You get to live in a trendy neighbourhood. Maybe you have your own apartment. You most certainly have a kitchen. And hopefully a bathroom you don’t have to share with many other people. But most importantly, you’re not surrounded […]

How To Spend A Weekend In Amsterdam

How to Spend a Weekend in Amsterdam

There’s usually always something going on during a weekend in Amsterdam, my new adoptive home, making it the best place to spend a couple of days. No matter what time of year you decide to visit, there will likely be pop-restaurants opening, shows on at the theatre, a musical festival or food market. Which makes deciding […]

round the world trip

How We Chose The Destinations On Our RTW Trip

There’s something that most people who take a round the world trip don’t talk about and that’s *why* they travelled to certain places. Most times, everyone starts out with an itinerary and a brief outline of sights they want to see and excursions they want to take. Often, this will fall by the wayside once […]

travel jewellery necklace

Travel Jewellery: What To Pack

Aside from a little makeup and a scarf, jewellery can go a long way in making an outfit that you have to wear all the time seem a little bit more special. When you’re travelling long term, you quickly run out of outfits and often find yourself wearing neutral colours. So it always helps to […]

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facial brush

Review: The Body Shop Facial Brush With Lid

I’ll be the first to admit that during my two years around the world, my skin was not my first priority. In fact, my skincare routine went from decent to shocking almost overnight. This was due to many factors: 1) I wasn’t wearing makeup as often while travelling as I had done while working full […]

soundtrack to summer - my summer playlist #music #playlist

The Soundtrack to My Summer {Playlist}

The sun has been shining this weekend in Amsterdam, which has made me very happy indeed. The number of house parties, canalside BBQs and street singing has quadrupled and there is a good vibe in the air. When it’s like this, I just want to listen to poppy, upbeat music and dance. I love doing […]

international dating - my online love story

My Online Love Story

“So how did you two meet?” This is the first question that anyone who ever meets me and Scott asks. I’m not sure if I should be flattered at them taking such an interest or insulted that they’d be so nosy. Either way, I understand people’s curiosity. I am from England and Scott is from […]

four corners monument

Personal Challenge: Get Back In Shape

It’s no secret that travelling isn’t exactly awesome for your health. Unless you are a dedicated runner (I’m not) or are willing to spend the time and energy to select and cook organic food for every meal (err, no), then long term travel can take it’s toll on your waistline. Not to mention your fitness […]

road trip reads

My Road Trip Reads

When you have nothing to do but look at a lot of billboards while you’re driving from one side of the US to the other, it’s good to have some books to read or music/podcasts to listen to. Here are the three road trip reads that I took with me on our latest road trip, and […]