Amsterdam Prices: How Much Does Everything Cost?

Amsterdam Prices: How Much Does Everything Cost?

After travelling through developing countries and those outside of the Euro Zone for so long, I always thought it would be a shock to the system when I moved to Amsterdam. In truth, it was and it wasn’t.

We had already lived in Amsterdam three times during housesitting assignments, even if only for a month or so at a time, but that had given us a good feel for the cost of food and drink and day-to-day living expenses. Through the friends we made in the city, it was also easy to figure out roughly how much we’d have to outlay for an apartment and the extras that came with that (although as I mentioned before, nothing could prepare us for the cat-and-dog nature of renting an apartment in a city like Amsterdam). But I, like most people I would assume, am always curious as to how much a destination will cost me when I get there.

Amsterdam Prices: How Much Does Everything Cost?

So I thought I would put together a list of Amsterdam prices, and have tried to include things most visitors will purchase at least.

Housesitting Jobs and Why They’re Harder Than You Think

Housesitting Jobs and Why They're Harder Than You Think

During our two years of travels, we completed five different housesits. For each one, in return for caring for peoples’ homes, we had to care for at least one dog. I’m allergic to cats, otherwise we could have looked after them too.

If it wasn’t for housesitting, we wouldn’t be living in Amsterdam right now. We fell in love with the city during one of our assignments and haven’t looked back since.

However, housesitting has become much more popular in the time since we joined our first housesitting website and I now see people regularly tout it as a “cheap way to travel the world”. As an apartment and dog owner, I have several problems with this.

The Ultimate List of Amsterdam Attractions

The Ultimate List of Amsterdam Attractions /

For your convenience (don’t say I never do anything for you), I’ve compiled the ultimate list of things to do in Amsterdam. Several of these I’ve been to, some are still on my list. This list doesn’t include neighbourhoods or districts (e.g. the Jordaan, the Red Light District) because I don’t class them as “attractions”; they are just places you can walk around if you choose to.

Scroll down to the bottom for a map showing where each of these attractions is.

Review: ANNE at Theater Amsterdam

ANNE Theater Amsterdam - A review / Homeless and Confused

I’ve talked before about my fascination with anything related to WWII. I read historical fiction books about it, I watch documentaries about it and I ask my Dad (the ultimate history buff) about it whenever I can.

This is a relatively new thing to me, the girl who detested history lessons in school.

But nonetheless, I am intrigued. It amazes me that one man could create the bloodiest war in history. And that it affected the lives of so many. Not least young Anne Frank, whose legacy is apparent on almost every street corner of the city centre here in Amsterdam.

From the first day I saw a billboard advertising ANNE at Theater Amsterdam, a play based upon Anne Frank’s Diary, I knew I wanted to see it. I read the book as a teenager, but at the time I was still the girl that hated history and had yet to visit Auschwitz (which I think was the turning point for me becoming so much more interested in learning about the events of the war itself). Unfortunately for me, the play was only performed in Dutch, so there was no way for me to go and see it.

Then, low and behold, a few weeks ago, a saw a new poster, this time advertising a “multilingual language system” for the play. Hurrah! I kept badgering telling Scott that I wanted to go, but never thought that he would buy me tickets for my birthday this week. So, last night, off we cycled to the theater – a brand-spanking-new building out by Amsterdam’s old timber port.