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Cross-Country USA Road Trip: The Grand Canyon

Cross-Country USA Road Trip: Grand Canyon

Setting off on another US road trip only ten weeks after the first, I assumed I would get sick of being in the car much faster. You see, the days during a road trip are great. It’s light out, there’s usually something to look at (even if it’s only corny roadside billboards) and you can […]

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Plans For My Next US Road Trip

I know what you’re thinking: that all I ever seem to write about is US road trips. Am I right? Well, it’s true. This will be my fourth road trip in the USA in the last year. I’m becoming a bit of a road trip addict. This time, though, there is a genuine reason for […]

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Common Misconceptions About Long Term Travel

You must be rich – This is by far the most common misconception and the one that annoys me the most. The majority of people who travel long term aren’t living off a trust fund or are heirs to some multinational conglomerate. They saved and they sacrificed to be able to travel, just like I […]


I’m Moving to Amsterdam!

Ok, let’s back it up a little, shall we? Last thing you heard, I was cruising down Route 66 and spread-eagling myself across four American states. That was also actually the last thing I can clearly remember, so you’re not alone. Somehow, the last few weeks have been an absolute blur of crazed decision-making and […]

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Chile, Corners and Colorado: Route 66 Road Trip (Part 2)

“Quick! Grab your camera! Snap a shot of the Colorado sign coming up! Wait………..why the hell are we in Colorado?” More than twenty four hours earlier, we had been spray-painting Cadillacs in the middle of a dusty wasteland. After speeding out of Amarillo, Texas, we made really good time in pursuit of our end destination, Santa […]

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Spring Travel Inspired Fashion Finds

When I’m not travelling, I’m usually either reading travel blogs, or Pinning cute things that in some way relate to travel. Usually, this includes clothes and accessories that somehow tie in to my love of travel. I may not have an endless budget, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of owning some of these […]


Currently: Second Edition

If you have no idea where I’m at right now, I don’t blame you. I don’t really even know myself. The last two months have been a blur of fast-paced travel, Christmas festivities, road trips and lots of nose-blowing. That last one is because of allergies and colds which have come about because of the […]

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The Time We Scored Free Tickets To The Killers Concert

If there’s one thing that we seem to be good at, it’s being in the right place at the right time. It’s happened to us on several occasions these last two years, but no occasion was as rewarding as when we arrived in Amsterdam this November and realised that the Killers were performing a pre-EMA […]

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Why I’ll Never Have A Cleaner

When I owned a house, I never had a cleaner. Mainly because a) I couldn’t afford one and b) I didn’t want a stranger in my house someone seeing how bad I was at cleaning. As I loathingly cleaned up after myself and my dogs, I often wondered what it would be like to have […]


The Storyteller: A Book With A History. Our History.

It was by an odd coincidence that both of the last two books I have read have centred around World War 2 in some way. The first, The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, in parts focussed on the life of one of the main characters during London in the Blitz. The second, and the one […]